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Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

13 Ways Auditioning is Like Dating

13 Ways Auditioning is Like Dating

by Christie Connolley

Auditioning is a lot like dating….

Before the Audition/ Date you diligently prepare by:

1) Googling the subject matter and know enough about their background to understand how you may fit in their plans/season… (shut up… you know you google your potential boo…)







2)  You wear your best, best outfit – the one that plays up all your assets and downplays any flaws (what flaws???)









(3) You prep material:  Your repertoire, musically and otherwise are on fleek and ready to go.  There will be laughter, there will be tears…

laughter tears




(4) You get nervous… butterflies in your stomach… sweaty palms…. racing pulse… (ohmigosh – is there something in my teeth?!?!?)


(5) After the event, you replay it in your mind on an endless loop, both the good and the bad (I killed that coloratura but that was after tripping up the stairs…..  he touched my hand…)


(6) Exhibit gratitude: send a note thanking them for allowing you to be a contender (emoji optional)

Thank you


(7) Then you wait………

Waiting 1






(8) And wait ……….

Waiting 2







(9) WAITING!!!!!!!!!










(10) In the post date/audition zone, not even a typhoon could not strong arm your mobile out of your hand.  Every ping signaling a new text/ call (date) or email (audition) results in Usain Bolt-type quickness to review the incoming missive.








(11) After what seems like months of radio silence, you enter recon mode.   Asking friends, “So have you heard anything back after your audition with that company.”  The dating equivalent of “…. did he talk about me?”










(12) Enter the mourning period.  Time to take down the little pic I photoshopped of my name on the company’s marquis.  The audition equivalent of thinking, maybe changing my password to his name was premature, should I change it?  What if he calls…. can I change it back?  Full blown mourning period signaled by tweeting with the hashtag – #waiterforlife (audition) or #willdiealone (dating)…





(13) After spending a week eating a steady diet of ice cream in your sweatpants you begin to wonder…. WHY NOT ME?  Why have I been deemed unworthy?  Why didn’t you pick me?

ice cream








How do you deal with this kind of rejection with grace and aplomb, dear reader?  Maybe we can apply some dating etiquette to the audition scenario in order to help us keep calm and carry on.  I’ve heard of singers calling companies bombarding them with questions about casting and sometimes requesting feedback on their audition.  Would you do this post date?  Prolly not, unless you are aiming for some kind of restraining order situation.

Remember to keep it classy.  If you wouldn’t do it in a dating scenario, don’t do it in an audition scenario.  That way it won’t be awkward when they inevitably see you in an upcoming production with another company or in the produce section of Whole Foods….  Maybe then they will think, why not her???
CCOChristie Connolley is one of the founders and directors of You can learn more about Christie under the ‘About Us’ tab on the top of the page.  Christie welcomes you to comment on her article or email her privately at


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