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Posted by on Oct 5, 2010 in Articles | 0 comments

Arts Jobs Are Jobs, Too

Arts Jobs Are Jobs, Too

by Jeffrey E. Salzberg

Arts Jobs 1Recently, I had dinner with some lovely people and the conversation turned, as it so often does these days, to politics and economics.  I mentioned the importance of arts funding, and one of my companions — an artist herself — said something like, “I care about arts funding, too, but jobs are more important.”


It’s time we stopped thinking of ourselves as charity cases.  Arts jobs are no less important just because we make theatre (or music, or sculptures, or ballets, or….) than they would be if we sold cars or built computers — in fact, they have even more impact, proportionally, on our local economies. The arts are huge consumers of materials, which  must be Arts Jobs 2manufactured and transported and, of course, artists and other employees of arts organizations buy the same groceries, clothing, automobiles, and other goods as do those in other occupations.  People who attend arts events are likely to dine out before, and go to bars afterward.  In the United States, more people attend professional arts events than attend professional sports. I’ve seen estimates that every government dollar that goes to arts funding has between six and seven dollars  of economic impact.

I’m writing this in September of 2010.  In 7 weeks, we’ll be electing senators, members of Congress, legislators, and governors.  This is a time when our elected officials — and those who want to be our elected officials — Arts Jobs3are most likely to listen to us.  Ask…no, demand…that they tell you their positions on arts funding. You can post this article on Facebook , email it to your friends and colleagues, or you can post it as a link on your candidates’ walls by copying the URL and pasting it either as a link or as part of a comment.

Let your message be loud and let it be clear: “Arts funding is jobs funding.”
Jeffrey E. Salzberg has designed the lighting for opera, dance, theater, and puppetry all over the United States. He has lit several solos, including A Shropshire Lad, featuring former New York City Ballet principal dancer Peter Boal, for Manhattan-based Dance as Ever, and has also lit a new work created on NYCB’s Alexandra Ansanelli.

Mr. Salzberg has lit such operas as Tosca, La Boheme, and Madama Butterfly. Many of Mr. Salzberg’s designs have won critical praise, including the Peccadillo Theater’s Off-Broadway production of Room Service.

Learn more about Jeffrey at

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