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Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in Fashion | 9 comments

Atrocious Audition Attire – Open Toe Controversy

Atrocious Audition Attire – Open Toe Controversy

by Christie Connolley

I have been shopping literally for two weeks looking for the perfect shoes for my DMA auditions next month.  Although I already have an embarrassingly large closet full of shoes, it seems the perfect pair to match my navy wrap dress continues to elude me.  The contenders thus far have either been too tall (honestly, I don’t think that too tall heels exist, but that is a criticism I often here from judges, etc. which is a controversy we will save for another day), too short, too dowdy, too risque…. you get the picture.

Meaty ToesToday, while at DSW Shoe Warehouse I thought I may have found the right pair, they were the right height, right color, and as I was exhausted from the quest,  I almost bought them, even though they were open toe shoes.   I have always been from the school of thought that open toe shoes are distracting and they could take the focus off of your performance.

I remember attending the Met Regional finals for the Colorado Region last year and this woman was essentially wearing dressy,  heeled flip flops.  I was sitting close to the front and all I could look at were her toes, her meaty toes.  To begin with, she failed to adhere to the open toe pact (must be pedicured and presentable), so it wouldn’t have been appropriate for her to be walking in the mall with the shoes, let alone at the Met Auditions.  She sang the longest aria known to man and eventually the circulation to her feet was cut off and her meaty toes strained against the sequined straps and I literally could think of nothing else.Open toe

Open toe shoes present another danger, toe overage.  Your foot could slide down the slope of the insole and force your toes out the front  of the shoe creating the unsightly illusion of an animal crawling out of the cave it hibernated in all winter.  Mid-audition, there is no remedy for this, you could actually step on your own toes as they hit the ground in front of you.

Then there are the people who wear open toe shoes with nylons.  I have always been told one should wear nylons to an audition, but honestly, there should be an Olympic category to reward people who manage to don control-top pantyhose.  It is a really taxing undertaking.  The thought of meaty toes ensconced in a reinforced toe, bulging through a peep- toe is equally as unbearable.  The aerodynamic effect of the nylons actually Nylons 1increase the likelihood for toe overage.  For these reasons, I put the shoes down and walked out of DSW.  The quest continues.

Do you think that open toe shoes are appropriate for auditions, competitions, performances?  Do you wear them?  Let us air this controversy once and for all.

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  1. Open toe shoes are NEVER appropriate in auditions, competitions, or performance, unless the wardrobe department from the company that hired you says so!

    meaty toes LOL! here is something else a famous voice teacher told me once….THE SOUND OF PANTYHOSE SWOOSHING down the aisle……drives him bananas! HE told me to turn them inside out….IT WORKS!

  2. OMG! ‘Meaty Toes’- you are cracking me right up!

  3. It may be a pain but always wear hose! Most judges can’t stand seeing people without them. You may think you good legs but when you are on stage every bit of cellulite and every vein shows. No good. It pulls you together and especially on a stage that is above whatever panel you are singing for it is super important to look put together.

  4. MEATY TOES!!!! Bwahaha. Love it.

    Nylons allllll the way and close toed shoes all the way, too. Although I do have peep toe shoes that are cute and do not have the problem of overhang or anything like that. But dressy flip flops? NEVER!

  5. Great article! It reminds me of when I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera Chorus 2 years ago and the sad outfit/shoe “situation” I saw there! Two girls wore these awful Croc things and another wore these like dressy CLOGS….?? Don’t get me started about the wrinkled dresses and out of control hair! I truly couldn’t believe my eyes! I thought to myself “do you people “get” what we are auditioning for here”??!

  6. Also, if you are going to wear an open toe shoe, make sure they are in good taste! Wear cloth heel protectors and insoles to make sure A) your shoe stays on your foot, and B) that you are comfortable! Don’t forget a pedicure!

  7. I have a feeling that the unwritten “prohibition” against open-toed shoes is going to fall by the wayside like the bustle and uber-padded shoulders. Just try finding a great pair of heel today- especially to go with navy blue (yes, I found some great ones on a well-known web site!) or red, that don’t have peep-toes! Sure, you can come up with dozens of clunky-looking, dull leather low heels, but they do nothing for you unless your singing the role of someone’s elderly auntie…. If the shoe fits (!, couldn’t resist, sorry), is attractive and you’ve take the same time with your toes as you have with your finger nails, I say go for it. Men have it easy, wing-tips, oxfords or loafers….boring!

  8. If you are going to take the time to audition for a roll or go to a job interview, take the time and put on a pair of hose. I mean, (women) spend all this time putting on a bunch of make-up, finding the right outfit etc, and then ruin it by going bare-legged. Its just that finishing touch, a nice pair of hose evens out the legs, especially if you plan to wear a short skirt/dress. Women have gotten lazy and don’t usually wear hose anymore. Bare legs are gross! I treat bare legs like I do automatic transmissions in cars. Its the ‘easy’ way.

  9. Open shoes and hosiery on a young woman who takes good care of her feet, are soo sexy.

    The sleek shiny look, the transparency, the compact look feet get, the silkiness, sheer beauty even with the seams, and the reinforced toe.


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