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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Auditions Anonymous

by Melissa Wimbish

Go ahead. Lay down on the couch and tell us everything…

“When I was about 10 or so, I had just been in my first school play, and I wanted to be in a show over the summer. So I auditioned for Aladdin by the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, which is a professional company. When I went to the audition I was horrified to find that not only was I the youngest person auditioning, but everyone else there had significantly more dance experience than me.

“The next hour was one of the most grueling, embarrassing experiences of my life. I struggled through a fairly complex combination, putting as much effort into getting all the steps as I was into not passing out. By the way, the man teaching us this was this enormous loud fellow missing a hand, in lieu of which he had a prosthetic hook. Now, not to sound insensitive, but holy god was this terrifying.

“Towards the end of the ordeal, my line was rotated to the front to run the combination again. I hadn’t brought water with me, and was basically running on empty at this point. I bent down to tie my shoe just as the music cued up, so I shot up to my feet and I lost my footing and stumbled forward, right into the choreographer’s hook hand, and it sort of bent to the right and made this horrible clicking noise.

“A wave of horror and nausea washed over me as I thought I’d basically further crippled my auditioner. The whole room went quiet. He just snapped it back into place and said “Don’t worry, that happens a lot.” I sort of just stared in dumb silence/numb horror. The audition went on. I wasn’t cast. Years later, I auditioned for and was accepted to a musical conservatory program. Then I found out he was on staff as the dance instructor. It was the best moment ever.” (Original post can be found here.)

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