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Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Awesome of the Week

Awesome of the Week


Fresh ingredients delivered to your door — get on this, bitches!

by Melissa Wimbish

Two words: Blue Apron.

Over the past several years, my kitchen and I have been in an on-again, off-again relationship. We’ll find ourselves on a roll, working things out, talking about things, enjoying our time chopping and mixing and baking and feeling like real winners at life. Sometimes the food is really good, too. (wink wink) All seems to be going well — until the work starts coming in.

Then come the late rehearsal nights. The exhaustion that makes it almost impossible to eat, let alone think of washing produce for subsequent chopping. After a couple of days of being good and packing healthy snacks, I find myself putting down Old Bay wings at the local pub at least 4 nights a week and pretending that my phone is dead when I see “Kitchen Boo” on the caller ID.

Seriously dudes, Blue Apron saved my kitchen marriage. Here’s the quick and dirty: Fresh pre-portioned ingredients delivered to my door (on ice) once a week with detailed recipes and explicit preparation instructions so I can’t possibly fuck it up. There are always leftovers if you are dining solo (which I eat for lunch) and I haven’t been to a grocery store to purchase anything other than pet food and breakfast items since I started this 3 weeks ago.

We’re looking at what is probably the longest “Awesome” post I have written ever, but I am for serious about this! Spend the 60 bucks ONE time instead of going to the grocery store and then invite me over for dinner as a “thank you”.

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