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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

Back to School? No Thanks: Why You Shouldn’t Go to Music School

Back to School? No Thanks: Why You Shouldn’t Go to Music School

by Melissa Wimbish

It’s going to rain fire from music school land once this article goes live. Having dutifully completed my time behind the bars of conservatory, I welcome the discourse.

For those of you that are currently heading back to serve your dreams or the dreams your parents imposed upon you, Operagasm is wishing you success! Despite this feeling that music school has been destroyed and continues to prey upon innocents, we do realize there are exceptions. So, have a great school year.

In other news, we want to talk about music school (specifically, graduate school) this month. Are these institutions producing more scorned musicians than successful ones? Does the curriculum truly prepare one for a career as a freelance musician? Do you even remember what you learned in music theory?

Don’t worry, Operagasm will tell you the truth. Stay tuned as we annihilate the once exciting month of September.

This is all in addition to the news, interviews, reviews, free audition/competition listings and other fun tidbits we bring to you every day because we would never tell you we were going to teach you all kinds of cool shit and then not do it but still take all your money and charge you interest! Smooches!

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