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Posted by on Aug 6, 2010 in News | 0 comments

Blimey Brits Cutting the Arts

Blimey Brits Cutting the Arts

by Christie Connolley

Anthony Faila of the Washington Post wrote a fascinating article about the changes in government funding for the arts in Britain.  How do you thing how this will effect opera?  How will the private funding change the Brits?

london“The art scene exploded in Britain over the past decade, giving rise to jewels like the Tate Modern museum on the silvery banks of the Thames and sparking a renaissance of playwrights, filmmakers, artists and dancers. The fuel for that boom: a surge in generosity from Britain’s single biggest patron of the arts — the government.

But now cash-strapped and desperate to slash the largest budget deficit in Europe, the new ruling coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats is moving to close the curtain on an era of what they describe as excessive government patronage.

The coalition is preparing to cut arts funding so dramatically that it could sharply reduce or sever the financial lifelines for hundreds of cultural institutions from the National Theatre to the British Museum.”

Read on!

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