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Posted by on Oct 19, 2016 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Bolting with Operagasm, Episode 1: “Do you have access to a helicopter?”

Bolting with Operagasm, Episode 1: “Do you have access to a helicopter?”

by Melissa Wimbish

It’s the schlep of all schleps: Baltimore to NYC for an audition. It happens about twenty times a year and when I go, there’s only one way to travel with money on my mind and not in my bank account. I haven’t ever been on a Bolt Bus without feeling deeply embarrassed at some point for someone or group of someones that I overheard talking. I’m finally taking control of this situation by recording the encounters and sharing with you, my supportive community.

Episode 1: Young, attractive gay man sitting next to young, very super fit, conventionally attractive, tan Navy man. The former has been trying his hardest to strike up a conversation for an excruciating amount of minutes and is finally succeeding. Hopefully you can hear it over the gaggle-babbling of the two privileged hoes sitting right behind me. Between spilling drops of skinny vanilla latte on themselves, they’ve been discussing Baltimore’s “scary social situation” like they are the fucking experts of the universe.

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