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Posted by on Oct 9, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

Cast Your Vote in the Third Annual Operagasm Awards!

Welcome to the Third Annual Operagasm awards!  In honor of the upcoming best week ever — National Opera Week — Operagasm will be conferring many awards to operas best and brightest.  Stay tuned for the winners in these and other important categories to be announced on Friday, November 1!  And the nominees are….

Babes in Operaland

Who are the hottest singers today?  You know the singers for whom you would pay the price of admission, even if they just stood there silent, just to bear witness to all that hotness on stage?  You know the hunks featured every weekend in Operagasm’s You’re Welcome?  We know it is difficult to pick just one…. geez, this is like Sophie’s Choice!



Living Opera God!

Let’s face it…. writing opera is hard. After all, that is why opera stages are full of productions of Le Nozze di Figaros and not Le Donne di Letterate, right Salieri?
  Girl needs her Prozac! We all know lyric coloratura sopranos must have a few screws lose upstairs, hundreds and thousands of fast notes can make anyone a little loopy.  


Taking it to the streets!

Opera is alive and thriving like never before!  In large part due to companies like these, who are innovating and finding ways to reach new audiences.
  Giving Deion Sanders a run for his money…You know how some pro-athletes are groomed to become NFL game day hosts and contributors once their days on the field are over (are you impressed we even know this much about sports right now?)  Well, these Metropolitan Opera HD simulcast hosts may be thinking about post game plans as they have been honing their hosting skills.  


Bustiers, corsets and wonder bras … oh my!

Costumes can run the gamut from thirty-two pound dresses with giant JLO style bustles to literally a potato sack.  But for the diva who makes a turn in the spotlight, costumes are more often than not, shall we say… cleavage enhancing.  But some are already delivering the goods before being cinched into their costumes.
  No diva is complete without…. You know how some divas bring their dogs everywhere they go?  We want to be those divas.  We have dogs and will travel.  Call us….  


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