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Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in new articles, Upcoming Competitions | 0 comments

Competition Listings Update: July 19

by Melissa Wimbish

Are you tired of paying fees to access competition notices? So are we! Every Friday morning, Operagasm presents a fresh update of competition listings. We would be happy to include your competition notice in a full story during the week and/or in the Friday listing, please submit your notice by emailing

Armstead Singing Awards and Ron McNicol Vocal Award
Deadline: 7-19-13

International Lyric Singing Contest Jole De Maria
Deadline: 7-31-13

Nicholas Loren Vocal Competition
Deadline: 8-1-13

Utah Valley Symphony Young Artists Competition
Deadline: 8-19-13

30th International Singing Competition Maria Caniglia
Deadline: 8-30-13

Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition
Deadline: 9-5-13

Partners for the Arts Vocal Competition
Deadline: 9-6-13

Sullivan Foundation Awards
Deadline: 9-9-13

Brava! Opera Theater and James M. Collier Young Artist Program Vocal Competition
Deadline: 9-13-13

2013 “Città di Alcamo” International Singing Contest – Alcamo, Italy
Deadline: 9-16-13

Opera Index 2013 Vocal Competition
Deadline: 9-24-13

Brian Law Opera Competition
Deadline: 9-25-13

Gulf Coast Messiah Chorus Young Artists Vocal Competition
Deadline: 9-27-13

Ana Maria Iriarte Foundation Zarzuela Competition
Deadline: 9-30-13

Fulbright Grants Competition

51st Francisco Vinas Intenational Singing Contest
Deadline: 10-2-13

Palm Springs 30th Annual Vocal Competition
Deadline: 10-15-13

Deadline: 10-18-13

25th Annual New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera Vocal Competition
Deadline: 11-1-13

American Traditions Competition
Deadline: 11-4-13

16th Biennial McCammon Voice Competition
Deadline: 1-15-14

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