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Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

Cray In Love With Singing

Cray In Love With Singing

by Melissa Wimbish

Dear singing, I told my therapist about you…

In honor of Beyonce’s slamming Super Bowl performance and her 2003 hit single… girlfriend knows that love just makes us cuckoo…

Last year we took the month of February to do some much-needed hating with the theme, “Screw Love: The Ugly Side of Opera”. It was a great month in a hateful sort of way. This year, we’re coming off of the uplifting January theme, “New & Improved”, and feeling so recharged after our re-launch (hope you love it as much as we do!) that we decided to meet in the middle. Rather than go ga-ga over love or ga-ga over hate, we’re settling somewhere in the middle with good ol’ “cray”. Get your smelling salts ready for “Cray In Love” — a month of random feelings that may never find resolution, but when channeled correctly can lead to epic victories!

It’s a nutso ride being cray in love with singing, isn’t it? Stacks of music everywhere, half your family wondering why they haven’t heard from you in weeks, and a bunch of stuff that really needs to get to the dry cleaner but what if you don’t have it back in time? Sound familiar? You’re not alone! Stay tuned this month and we will talk all about it together.

And, what February at Operagasm would be complete without our Valentine’s-Day-Operagasm-Exclusive-Hunky-Man-Interview? Staying true to our NYE resolution, we’re trying something new this year by putting baritones on the back-burner and traipsing into tenor town! (We want to hear our names being shouted with a higher tessitura! LOL!) Our first year, we hit the jackpot with the distinguished DILF, Thomas Hampson followed by his son-in-oooo-la-law Luca Pisaroni in 2012. Make sure you pay us a visit this Valentine’s Day because you don’t want to miss our steamy date with:

TENOR JAMES VALENTI!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, he is ALL that.

Look at him. Listen to him. Learn more about him here at Operagasm on February 14th.

Apparently Verdi drove these two insane…. understandable….

And, back by popular demand, our final article for the month of February will be an anonymous culmination of all things that blow our collective opera viking horns! Be sure to submit your crazies (about anything pertaining to opera and its business) to by Febuary 27th for inclusion in this epic list. Join us in saying, “Yes, that makes me crazy too!” Your identity will be protected!

This is all in addition to the news, reviews, interviews, and other fun stuff we bring you every month because clearly we are so cray in love with you all! Is it not obvious?

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