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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in News | 3 comments

Details of Bayreuth 2016 Announced

Dear Reader,

It is our aim to update you with all the opera news from across the world- even if we can’t quite understand it!  As is the case today, details regarding the 2016 Bayreuth Festival have been announced…… auf Deutsch!  And although we have plenty of experience doing word to word translations we thought we would let Google do it for us.  The results are as informative as they are hilarious!  Enjoy this translated story via RP Online.

The scandalous artist Jonathan Meese is staging at Bayreuth in 2016, the opera “Parsifal”. The festival director Katharina Wagner and Eva Wagner-Pasquier, announced the surprise of Personnel on Wednesday shortly before the beginning of this year’s Richard Wagner Festival.

Bayreuth (RPO) – Meese has delivered so far no major thesis in his own directing opera. We were convinced by him, the festival bosses stressed, however. Jonathan Meese is one of the most provocative figures in the contemporary art scene. He is best known for his installations and paintings.

Meese was born in 1970 in Tokyo, his mother came from Germany, the father of the United Kingdom. At the Berlin Biennale, he was with the installation of “Ahoy de Fear” suddenly announced a broad audience, later followed by exhibitions such as “Arch-State Atlantisis” or “meat is harder than steel.” Themselves of the 42-year-old sometimes called an “ant of the art”. It was not until early June, he had attracted attention in Kassel with a controversial appearance at the university. “The worst enemy of democracy is the art,” he had said then in a public discussion.

Richard Wagner’s later works, “Parsifal” in the hands of an unusual artist – not the first time ventured to Bayreuth this constellation. 2004 brought the former festival director Wolfgang Wagner, the director and performance artist Christoph Schlingensief on the green hills to stage the opera. Schlingensief production split the audience. Then again, followed by an experienced opera director for “Parsifal,” which was premiered in 1882 in Bayreuth: The Norwegian Stefan Herheim first staged in 2008, lasting several hours work. This year’s production will be on display for the last time in Bayreuth.

The title role in the new “Parsifal” is to sing in four-year tenor Klaus Florian Vogt. He remains connected to the Bayreuth Festival closely. Vogt sings this year the Swan Knight in “Lohengrin” at the back page by Annette Dasch as Elsa. Together they formed in the year before the stage dream pair of Bayreuth.

In a few days to begin the first samples “Ring” production in 2013 directed by Frank Castorf. His production of the tetralogy “Der Ring des Nibelungen” is the highlight of next year, when Richard Wagner’s 200th Birthday is celebrated. The following year, no new production has traditionally been on the board. Then followed in 2015′s “Tristan und Isolde” directed by Katharina Wagner will lead itself.


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  1. Thrilling! When and where can tickets for the 2016 season be purchased? My wife´s 50th birthday is approaching and I have promised to take her to Bayreuth ..

  2. need one ticket for 2016 ring

  3. Thanks for reading, Kathe! You’ll need to contact the organization’s box office for tickets. We simply post the news and are not directly affiliated with the festival.

    Good luck!

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