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Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Diva of the Week

Diva of the Week

Bringing you the Best of 2013, DIVA style!

by Christie Connolley

Please note that real divas always refer to themselves in the third person.  Take a lesson from Angela Gheorghiu’s recent interview with Gulf News where she discussed an illness induced by her marital troubles:

“It was not just physical: I felt psychically broken.” Marital strife, I suggest, can prove as debilitating as flu. “I can only say that love is like a disease,” she says, her eyes welling up. “It infects every bit of me, even my brain. I am stupid in love. But I couldn’t be Angela if I weren’t romantic.” I put it to her that Alagna is contesting his ex-wife’s allegations and has called in the lawyers. Gheorghiu sits up, throws back her head and suddenly I glimpse the fiery prima donna I had found so captivating: “I never lie. Everyone who knows me will tell you, I am incapable of lying.” She looks every inch the diva when she says: “I don’t need anyone. I don’t need a home, even. Angela is at home everywhere.”

Angela Gheorghiu is so diva she could teach Kathleen Battle a thing or two….

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