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Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in Fashion, new articles, The Voice Box | 1 comment

Diva of the Week!

Diva of the Week!


Bringing you the Best of 2013, DIVA style!

by Christie Connolley

Danielle de Niese, nominee for the Third Annual Operagasm Awards, recently contended with a diva’s worst nightmare.  She arrived just in time to get ready for a performance and found she had nothing to wear.  Not like when you and I are standing in our walk-in closets staring at twenty-eight different pairs of  leggings and moaning, “I have nothing to wear!”  Girlfriend, literally had nothing…. to…. wear…. (except for a sparkly cocktail dress, but that is beside the point!)

The Daily Mail reported De Niese as saying, “I felt sick with fear when we pulled up outside and it sunk in — my lovely dresses costing thousands of pounds left behind.  I had visions of having to sing wearing jeans.”

Every diva knows what to do next, blame … the… man… he is always to blame.  Am I right?

‘It was all my husband’s fault! I asked him to load two suit bags in the car but when we arrived they weren’t there!  I wanted to throw a diva hissy fit but instead I sat there paralysed with fear.”

But all was not lost, de Niese had her bags packed for her next performance in Spain and just happened to have a sparkly cocktail dress that she planned to lounge around the hotel in, so the performance in jeans was averted.

Danielle de Niese is so diva, she could teach Kathleen Battle a thing or two….


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1 Comment

  1. Well, she can not teach Kathleen to sing, that is for sure. ;)

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