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Posted by on May 6, 2014 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Diva of the Week

Diva of the Week

by Christie Connolley

CaraherDivas cannot be bothered to get off the chaise lounge to retrieve their martini, let alone to personally offer your resignation to a regional opera company.  Just ask divo of the week – James Caraher the former Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Opera who submitted his resignation via email.

According to the IndyStar:

“Caraher, who was hired as the opera’s music director in 1981 and appointed artistic director in 1995, sent a “very short email” to the board and staff that, according to Baker, said he had decided to resign, effective immediately. Baker said she spoke with Caraher later that day to “wrap up loose ends,” but declined to comment on what they discussed.

“I was surprised, I was disappointed, I was shell-shocked,” said Baker. “I mean, it was kind of like, when I saw that email I thought, ‘Oh, crap.’ ”

James Caraher is so divo he could teach Kathleen Battle a thing or two….


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