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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Fashion, new articles, The Voice Box | 1 comment

Diva of the Week

Diva of the Week

by Terrence von Bülow

There are many perils that young Hollywood actresses face nowadays…. being photographed with Lindsey Lohan, overdosing on the Botox (seriously, consider Nicole Kidman your ghost of Christmas future), Charlie Sheen…. With all that being said, who knew they would have to compete with their own couture for the spotlight?

Those damn diva dresses upstaged our beloved celebrities at the Oscar’s this past weekend.

Case in point: Anne Hathaway’s nipple darts.  Should we even be talking about this? Well, I guess if they have their own Twitter account they want us to talk about them.  I am not sure if it was her Jenna Jameson’s who were trying to garner all the attention or just Prada’s strategically placed darts that caused the distraction, but either way kudos for drawing attention to what otherwise would be a boring dress.

Case in point:  Poor Jennifer Lawrence.  Gurl, that dress is Gone With the Wind FABULOUS.  But it tripped…. a…. diva….. up!  Was it all just a ploy to garner Hugh Jackman’s attention (did you see him come to her rescue?  LOVE….. THAT…. MAN…)  If that is the case, than well played, Oscar dress…. well played…. .

Those dresses are so diva they could teach Kathleen Battle a thing or two…

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1 Comment

  1. LOL! You’re right, Anne Hathaway’s dress is rather plain-jane until you pointed out the “darts.” I couldn’t bring myself to say the first part of that word!

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