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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 0 comments

Do We Want Men or Boys on the Opera Stage?

Do We Want Men or Boys on the Opera Stage?

by Melissa Wimbish and Christie Connolley

It’s a new month here at Operagasm, and you know what that means, right?  …… You’re thirty days older.

If there’s anything the evil opera gods do well, it is make us all feel “too old” by the time we are 22 and haven’t sung a leading role at the Met yet! “Hey kids, if you’re not out there winning some multi-thousand-dollar competition before you hit your first menstrual cycle, what kind of career do you think you’re going to have?” YOUNG Artist Programs. Why didn’t Oprah ever do a special about this?

Because Operagasm will do it better, that’s why. This month we will address the taboo topic of age! (Gasp, WHAT? OMG!) I know, right? Tune in this month for a heap of heated discussion!

We also want to hear from you, dear reader, if you can actually remember your real age — we know you may have to think about it for a moment, there may be math involved. If you haven’t already, take a moment to complete our survey about Age in Classical Music. Don’t worry – it is totally anonymous to protect the identities of the young, the old, and middle-aged alike. (Click here to take the survey – we swear it’s painless!)

And of course, we will continue to deliver the news, reviews, and other fun tidbits you whipper snappers love!

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