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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Interviews, new articles | 0 comments

Don’t Come to my Opera: An Interview with Luca Francesconi

Don’t Come to my Opera: An Interview with Luca Francesconi

Posted by Melissa Wimbish (via The Guardian’s Tom Service)

I won’t lie — I have definitely said that to people, but when I said it I was embarrassed about the production. Composer Luca Francesconi is saying it because … well, he’s not sure if you can HANDLE ALL THIS:

Don’t dare to come if you can’t accept that you need to analyse what you do and who you are. This piece is violent, it’s sex, it’s blasphemy, it’s the absence of mercy. The only two characters in the opera are the definition of cynical, they have made a pact that they don’t have to love any more. Love and sentiment are banned, the only thing that’s left and that matters is a kind of chess game with people’s souls and bodies. So don’t come if you have problems in your relationship, you might discover something you might not want to! But do dare to come if you can face the reality of how dried up your heart is, how little space there is in your feelings for anything that doesn’t come from being self-defensive, from being totally scared by the world. We are prisoners of our fears. That’s the real last message of this piece, that we can no longer hide our problems – and that we shouldn’t. 

Read the full interview here!

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