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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Articles | 1 comment

Eff Vocalising…Literally: Sex and the Singer

by Melissa Wimbish

One of our readers submitted the following query to Operagasm:

“A lot of female singers have told me that they sing much better after they have had sex. Ask your readers to submit their thoughts on the subject (anonymously if necessary) and the article writes itself!”

We heard from some of our readers, but we’d love to hear even more! Leave a comment below if you feel so inspired.

Stacy from Kansas City:

I always feel the most warmed up after a romp in the bedroom. Think about it: vocalise with Marchesi, or morning sex?

Brianna from Baltimore writes:

Tee hee…

Sex makes me feel awesome – during and afterwards. I like to start my day with some sexy time. I like to start my day feeling awesome. Who wouldn’t?

Sex makes you feel sexy (really original, I know), powerful, and like a goddess. You’re feeling good – in control, centered, and like you could rule the world.

Sex gives you that confidence that might be lacking for a performance. I say, “fuck yeah, I can do anything” after I’ve had sex. Including that role that I’m not so confident in. Because I just had sex and I feel great.

On the flip side, nothing can make you feel WORSE than some bad sexy time. That’s when sex can play against you – but just like anything else that might be cramping your style in a bad day, you gotta leave it at the door and take the stage.

Eunah from Portland:

Sexual experience is a great tool for the stage. I’m not saying that you should go out and try hooking up with someone every night to get better perspective, but sex helps you become confident and comfortable with your body. We sing with our whole bodies and have to convey messages on a stage with our whole bodies. Knowing yourself inside and out like that totally gives an advantage.

Jessica from Denver:

OH HELL YES! Honestly, I hadn’t really put that much thought into it until after reading this, but it makes total sense. Having a healthy sex life (healthy being the key word) with someone I care about deeply does fabulous things for my attitude, my exercise routine, my sense of humor, my patience. The list goes on and on. Duh! It has to benefit my singing. As long as the moans are “well-placed”!

Esther from San Francisco:

If I’m not freaked out about being pregnant, sex is awesome.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily make my voice better, it’s something to look forward to after a difficult rehearsal or a frustrating session in the practice room. Just another important part of my support system. (smiley face)

Angie from Brooklyn:

Sorry I can’t help.  With two young children who barely can feed themselves, I’m lucky if I shower. My vocal folds are not a good specimen since I’m a born-again virgin due to the lack of action in my bedroom. Except for two little angels jumping on it like a moon bounce — that’s the most action my bed has seen in several months!

Gregg from Kansas City:

I will have to do some tests and get back to you. Thanks for the tip.

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1 Comment

  1. I highly recommend performing some oral exercises on your loved one is a great way to open and relax your throat.

    Also, well placed moans and/or serenading your lover are a great vocal warm-up.

    Let’s not even mention all the times our vocal teachers have encouraged us to breath all the way down and sing from the vulva! It’s a good idea to get those muscles some more exercise.

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