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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Reviews | 0 comments

Fort Worth Figaro For the Win?

by Christie Connolley

What better review to feature than this review for Fort Worth Opera’s Le Nozze di Figaro!   Operagasm’s focus on All Things Countess marches on with what John Norine Jr. of D Magazine proclaims unenthusiastically, “… conventional but entertaining enough The Marriage of Figaro in its 2012 festival.”  Check out the Operagasm Review Rundown!

Photo Credit: Ron T. Ennis

Good singing: “Vocally, Andrea Carroll steals the production with her role as Figaro’s betrothed. Susanna, handmaiden to the Countess and lust object of the Count, is scheming, devious and intensely loyal to her future husband. Carroll adds a natural sense of humor in all three in what became a very physical role. Figaro, sung by baritone Donovan Singletary, holds his own against Carroll while supplying his own comic timing and strong vocal presence.”

Mezzos can do it in any position: “One of the subplots of the production concerns the much-maligned page, Cherubino. Traditionally sung as a trouser role (a women portraying a man), the part is sung by mezzo soprano Wallis Giunta. Highly physical, Giunta has to sing while on her back, under a couch, and almost every other position imaginable. Through all of this, she manages to maintain a beautiful tone and excellent diction.”

And our dearest Countess?:  “The roles of the Count and Countess are sung by Jonathan Beyer and Jan Cornelius respectively. Each shine on their own, but do their best work when singing together; they are especially poignant when serenading each other in the final act.”

Ringing endorsement?: “The production ends up being a comfortable couple of hours at the opera; there is little new or different about this staging, but the quality is high and good for several laughs.”

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