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  1. This is cute, but most definitely DOES NOT apply to opera. Concerts, chamber music, song cycles .. sure, follow the chart. But at an opera, when the singer finishes that beautiful area that he sang so well, please DO be the first … everyone wants to and is too timid. It will mean everything to the singer, it will help break down the wall between the audience and the cast on stage, and it will NOT (usually) disrupt the flow of the opera. Just do it!!!!

  2. Babs is right to a certain extent, but it goes back to “Was that the end of the piece?” If you KNOW the answer to that (even with an aria, although all rules are off when it comes to Wagner), then, as she says, go ahead and applaud. The problem is not everyone knows when an aria ends. Not where most people think it does in Desdemona’s Willow aria and Ave Maria in OTELLO; certainly not where it appears to end in Zerbinetta’s ARIADNE AUF NAXOS tour-de-force.

  3. If it’s a Wagner opera. Please do NOT clap until the act or opera ends.

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