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Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Reviews | 0 comments

Jukebox Jams!

by Christie Connolley

From Wayne Lee Gay’s review of Fort Worth Opera’s production of Hydrogen Jukebox in D Magazine one would think he fed that jukebox quarters all night!  Lots of praise for this innovative production!  Here is the Operagasm quick run down:

I can’t explain why, but the theme song from the old TV show Dallas comes to mind when reading: “Tuesday night at Sanders Theatre, Fort Worth Opera presented what is surely this year’s most significant area operatic event—and possibly the most significant theatrical event as well….”

The line up: “Six singers (baritone Dan Kempson, sopranos Rosa Betancourt and Corrie Donovan, mezzo-soprano Amanda Robie, tenor Jonathan Blalock, and bass Justin Hopkins) moved across this bleak field of dreams in costumes ranging from combat fatigues to near-nudity, all the while singing beautifully and often powerfully.”

Comments I would likely here in one of my doctoral seminars: “Hydrogen Jukebox is, to this listener’s ears, one of the more eclectic and fascinating of Glass’s scores. There is plenty of the characteristic repeated-broken chord figuration and glacially slow harmonic rhythm that is most commonly associated with Glass, and that he has used frequently to create a trance-like state in his listeners. But there’s also a wider variety of styles, and a more frequent shifting of textures and harmonies, right down to the unaccompanied, quasi-hymn-spiritual that closes the piece with a Whitmanesque paean to Death.”

If the opera alone wasn’t exciting enough: “The fierce weather outside, which sent the audience scurrying to the cellar twice during Tuesday’s performance…”

Check out the full review here!

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