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Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Interviews, new articles | 0 comments

Leading by Ejemplo: Juan Diego Flórez Uses Fame for Social Action

Leading by Ejemplo: Juan Diego Flórez Uses Fame for Social Action

by Melissa Wimbish

In his native Peru, the demi-god, Rossini tenor Juan Diego Flórez is leading by example both operatically and politically!

During a recent interview with The National, he discusses Sinfonia por el Peru, a foundation he created for poor children to keep them “away from the bad life” by involving them in choirs and orchestras. He hopes to open a similar school in the Middle East:

“I created the programme three years ago – it now has 2,500 children taking part … I can use my fame [in Peru] to help socially, so that’s very good.”

Mr. Flórez also chats about the transition from his staple bel canto repertoire to more lyrical, romantic roles:

“My voice changed in the last few years, which is normal when you reach 40 … It’s an opportunity to sing new roles, but for me, I always want to continue singing Rossini …”

Read the full interview with Feargus O’Sullivan here.

Cover photo credit: Enrique Castro-Mendivil / Reuters

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