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Posted by on Apr 28, 2011 in Articles, The Voice Box | 1 comment

Let’s Settle This Once And For All!

by Christie Connolley

Have you ever been to a dinner party where all the guests are versed in polite dinner repartee?  Phrases like ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I must have that recipe’ abound.  Conversations are riddled with references to the balmy weather, the interesting occupation of the host and of course, the exquisite hand towels in the bathroom.  Everyone is careful to avoid touchy subjects like sex, politics, and religion.  And then, innocently, someone mentions their love of Pavarotti and then a guy at the other end of the table chortles and insists that Domingo can run circles around Pavarotti (figuratively, because we all know that literally this is true).  By the time dessert is served the conversation has become so heated that everyone including the host has abandoned their manners and the question still remains…. who is the best tenor of all time?

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1 Comment

  1. LOL @ the “Domingo can run circles around Pavarotti – literally” quote!

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