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Posted by on Apr 5, 2011 in Reviews | 0 comments

“Life Altering” Opera!

by Melissa Wimbish

Photo credit: Jill Steinberg

An old friend of mine predicted that Michael Jackson would find a way to freeze himself until technology developed enough so he could turn himself into a robot, live forever, and take over the world. Clearly MJ didn’t get the memo and it was instead intercepted by Tod Machover, composer of Death and The Powers, a new opera which expands on this idea of immortality via robot:

“A wealthy man, struggling with a debilitating disease, decides to amputate himself.  His mind will be severed from his body and hosted into a machine. He is buying eternity…Will he be the same person as a nonperson? How does one love a machine?”

Read more from reviewer Katy Walsh about the fantastic cast and “life-altering” production here:

Purchase tickets for performances on April 6th, 8th, or 10th:

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