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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 2 comments

“Look, Up on the Stage! It’s an Opera Singer! My Hero!”

“Look, Up on the Stage! It’s an Opera Singer! My Hero!”

by Melissa Wimbish

Diana Damrau is my hero! She is a ray of positive energy and love in a business that sometimes reminds me of Metropolis. Beautiful singing to the rescue!

Jonas Kaufmann is my hero! He knows how to set his boundaries, has great style, and his caramel-coated instrument just makes me sleep a little more soundly at night. .. What?! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about his voice!


Keith Miller is my hero! With muscles like that and a succulent basso to back it up, our streets are just safer with Mr. Miller on our planet. Am I right?

Angela Gheorghiu is my hero! Sexy, sassy, smart, swift – this diva is unstoppable! Angela does Angela…and I find that WONDERful.

Who are your opera heroes? And why?

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  1. My opera hero = Angela Gheorghiu…she is interesting even when she does nothing at all. And the voice she has at 48 is just fabulous!!!

  2. During the late seventies, Domingo was my hero, for his totally integrated performances in Forza, Luisa Miller, and Ballo. While Pavarotti was garnering all the attention and media praise, Domingo was giving great performances in these roles, performances that bonded both singing and acting. Then there was Jon Vickers, a great Siegmund, as we all know, but I once saw him play Canio with a group of singers whose acting on stage in other operas I would charitably describe as “mediiocre”.
    But on stage with him they were galvanized by his energy and power and gave very passionate performances.
    More recently, after an incredible performance of Die Frau Ohne Schotten at the Met, I would have to say my heroes would be conductor Vladimir Jurowski and the amamazing Met Orchestra, who played that difficult score wonderfully. It was no accident that when each principal came out for their solo bow, the looked down at the pit and applauded the orchestra.

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