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  1. I remain Kaufmann’s new loyal fan but Domingo is first.

  2. I agree with Alvaro Domingo, Placido Domingo is always Number one!!!! The best male singer ever!!!!

  3. Maestro Domingo is incredible! He continues to defy the march of time. And he is a lovely man!

  4. I’m a big fan of Placido Domingo my vote goes to Mr.Domingo he is my favorite:)

  5. the one and only one.. :Placido”

  6. Not only in March, Placido’s NUMBER ONE always!!!

  7. Placido is the most complete artist, not only as a best tenor but also as an acting singer, conductor, opera director ; He’s the divo assoluto, the universal man in the same way it existed at Middle Age.

  8. Domingo is the best in every possible way!

  9. JK, possibly, in time, will match. Not really fair to set him up like this – but PD is just incredible!!!!!!!

  10. My vote goes to Jonas Kaufmann. Though I am a big Placido Domingo fan, I have to give it to Jonas Kaufmann. Anybody who has heard him as Werther in Jules Massenet’s WERTHER has got to admit, that was incredible singing.

  11. Placido Domingo is the BEST ever and forever!!!!!

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