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Posted by on Mar 6, 2012 in The Voice Box | 26 comments

March Madness! Round One – Angela Gheorghiu v. Anna Netrebko

Help Operagasm in our March Madness quest for the Ultimate Diva!

Who is the victor of the first bracket – Angela Gheorghiu v. Anna Netrebko?

Angela Gheorghiu – Romanian soprano extraordinaire.  PS- Her main squeeze is tenor hottie Roberta Alagna.

Anna Netrebko – Russian soprano extraordinaire.  PS – Her main squeeze is barihunk Erwin Schrott.

Voting ends midnight Sunday, March 11!


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  1. Anna! All the way. Sings better and is gorgeous. She makes me melt!

  2. Angela! All the way.She is absolutely ravishing, sings superbly and looks like a top model.

  3. Angela! Physical charms aside, I just don’t care for Anna’s facial expressions and lip form. She always looks like a fish coming up for air, and concentrating hard on projecting. Angela sings beautifully and emotes as well – the aria never LOOKS difficult…

  4. Anna of course

  5. anna netrebko for sure!

  6. Angela all the way!

  7. Always Netrebko!

  8. ANGELA Gheorghiu! Her voice makes me die….and she is a damn good actress. She can really sing anything….La Rondine anyone?

  9. Angela is a far more solid artist in all respects.

  10. Angelina Gheorghiu! We almost saw her in Chicago -we flew there from Phoenix, but she canceled. Her understudy was good. Would like to see her in person.

  11. Angela, fantastic singer! More solid singer indeed!

  12. Anna – no question.

  13. For me I like much Mrs. Anna Netrebko – Russian soprano extraordinaire.
    But the other girl I like very much also, Angela Gheorghiu – Romanian soprano extraordinaire.

  14. Angela for ever! She is a beautiful singer, shows superb musicality, wonderful technique and intense sensibility.

  15. angela gheorghiu no doubt !


  17. Indeed, Angela Gh is better ..

  18. Angela Gheorghiu is better than Anna by a very wide margin. She has a more interesting and distinct timbre, a much better technical mastery, and is a much more accomplished musician. Unlike Anna, who is basically a media-hyped mediocrity with a monotonous mushy voice, Angela is in the same league with Maria Callas.

  19. Angela. Hands down! No contest!

  20. .. the main squeeze point goes to Anna. Alagna and Gheorghiu have agreed to get a divorce as of Jan 2013. So, even if they have been on and off, Anna’s squeeze seems a little more consistent :)

  21. Anna

  22. Anna Netrebko!!!

  23. Are you kidding? Angela has the sloppiest voice out there today by far. And she’s a bitchy diva to boot. Anna may be out there failing at some roles that are no longer appropriate for her, but at least she has stage presence and her voice is consistent and velvety lush.

  24. Christie Con.. er uh um I mean Anna Netrebko…
    Isnt this unfair for round one since y’all are related?

  25. Angela, of course

  26. Both ar beautiful, however I vote for Anna, dispite her stupid behaviour in Doneck!

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