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  1. Patricia Racette hands down. I’m also sure she can play ball pretty well too.

  2. Gotta be Racette. You can NEVER not be blown away by a night in the house with Racette. I wept like a child at her Butterfly.

  3. Pat Racette-no question!! agree with Chris above and had the same experience in Butterfly and Suor Angelica. She can sing drama, comedy-basically any role AND her acting is superb. In addition-she’s a fantastic cabaret singer! One more thing-she is definitely like the “girl next door” very down to earth and a great sense of humor-the whole package, so to speak!

  4. Racette hands down! I can never see her enough – Tosca, Butterfly and cabaret – she can do it all!

  5. Racette is always a 3-point player: beautiful voice, great acting, audience appeal. In the opera house or singing an Evening of Cabaret, she is always the best show in town!

  6. Racette, handsdown.

  7. PATRICIA RACETTE, of course. Silly question.

  8. Racette without doubt. She brings something special to her roles. She is that rarity…a very intelligent singer who is dramatically exciting as well.

  9. Racette without question. I’m sure she’ll go deep into the bracket.

  10. Racette for sure!

  11. Pat Raccette Hands Down!!! What an artist!!

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