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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in The Voice Box | 3 comments

Musical Joke of the Week

by Christie Connolley

This…. is….. hilarious!  Coincidentally, I had the same concerns about Manon.

Rick Santorum Takes Over As General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera

by Schleppy Nabucco

After James Levine’s health problems and Peter Gelb’s upcoming tragic accident in an abandoned pool, a power vacuum has been left at the Metropolitan Opera.  Rick Santorum has stepped in to fill the vacuum as new General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera.

“We’re shocked to get him.  That he was available and even interested,” said the Met’s VP of Doing a Special Dance, Jeffrey Forknocker.  ”But we’re pleased and perplexed to have him.”

Santorum was devastated to learn his first choice for Assistant Artistic Director; Jim J Bullock had in fact passed away.


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  1. Rick “Riccardo” Santorum can and will be a breath of fresh air for the Met and Opera Houses around the world. In this new world of ours, replete with ADD, ADHD and Apsergers, the time and place for 5 hour operas is over.

    I look forward to the possibility of Santorum producing edited versions of such lengthy works. He can start with the Ring Cycle, no reason it cannot be performed in a day rather than a week. Have to wonder if Santorum realizes that it is Wagner’s and not Tolkien’s Ring, but only time will tell.

    I read Schleppy Nabucco’s posts with much enthusiasm. Santorum can lead the world of opera in a new direction…the RIGHT way.

    There is not enough Nationalism in Opera today. Opera can rightfully become the anthem of nation builders…the backdrop to a New World Order. After all, what is Politics, but Opera in unfashionable Suits and Ties.

  2. He could easily turn the Ring into a one-night-stand if he cut out all the typical self-righteous story-telling of the Woman….I mean, Wotan. Seriously, how many times can you sit through a tired old queen telling the same old stories over and over?

  3. This gives me an idea! Everyone has to drink as many shots as possible until the end of the story-telling segment……then strip to their undies for the new material each night.

    THAT would build a sense of brotherhood in the vein of Ludwig II and Wagner that has really been missing in America. Santorum should like it, because there was no documented evidence that the boys weren’t gay. It was just speculated. So he should be safe. For now. ;)

    Love the post!

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