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Posted by on Mar 12, 2010 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Musical Term of the Week

mean girls

Even these mean girls want nothing to do with mean-tones!

by Melissa Wimbish

Have you ever read a definition and been more confused about life afterward? Well, that is how I feel when I read the definition of this musical term of the week and I’m hoping one of you nerds can help out the rest of us. It can be so intimidating to see a two-page definition for a musical term; so much so that sometimes we just take the path of ignorance and hope we never come across the word again. This definition is mean!

Mean-tone – A system of temperament or a tuning of the scale, particularly on instruments lacking any capacity for flexibility of intonation during performance, which differs from the equal-tempered system normally used on such instruments today. (The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians)

Click here for one helpful discussion of this system of tuning.

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