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Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Musical Term of the Week

Back in January when Operagasm first came on to the scene, this sort of post still seemed a bit shocking. Now, it’s clear that rogue is in because nobody cares what we say!!!! Kidding…just wanted to make sure you were still reading. xo

Musical Term of the Week: Best of 2010

by Melissa Wimbishclapping_1

Well, if you suck, just get rich. Leave it to the French to create a backup plan. They knew Lully got a little bit “lullaby” most times and along came the claque. Not to be confused with the clap, this musical term refers to a hired group of applauders.

claque – (French for “clapping”) is, in its origin, a term which refers to an organized body of professional applauders in French theaters and opera houses. Members of a claque are called claquers.

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