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Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in The Voice Box | 1 comment

Musical Term of the Week

shut up

Darth Vader demonstrating a translation of "tacet." He appears courtesy of the Galactic Empire.

by Melissa Wimbish

This is a term from back in the day. Just a wonderful way to cut off that rambling friend who’s going on and on about nothing when clearly everyone is ready to move on to a more exciting topic of conversation, or the screaming child in the back of the recital hall, or for the jerk who won’t stop rattling his program in the middle of the master class…read the damn bios later!!!

Thank you to Shannon Marti for introducing this musical term as an alternate to “Shut your mouth, fool!”

tacet – be silent; directing an instrument or voice not to play or sing

This definition was brought to you by:

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  1. You’re welcome.

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