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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Musical Term of the Week

by Melissa Wimbish

A composer after my own heart. Without this musical term of the week, we could all be drowning in the gulf of “dead-end obscurities” also known as avant-garde. I didn’t say it.

minimalism – First used in connection with American composers such as Philip Glass, John Adams and Steve Reich, who rejected the complexities of the European avant-garde in favor of music which was constructed from repeating cycles or additions of small phrases. Now used also for European composers such as John Tavener, whose music has affinities with the religious music of the pre-Renaissance period. (Definition provided by The Rough Guide to Opera by Matthew Boyden)

Here’s a little ditty that Philip Glass composed for Sesame Street…but I don’t think it’s starring any members of the alphabet.

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