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No Monkey Business! Well, Okay, Just this Once

No Monkey Business! Well, Okay, Just this Once

by Melissa Wimbish

Monkey: Journey to the West is probably the very last thing that would come to my mind if asked what the latest showing of modern opera at Lincoln Center might be entitled. Times are changing…and I love monkeys. Check out the Operagasm review rundown of James Jorden’s New York Post writeup!

No monkey business! Well, okay, just this once: “As operas go, ‘Monkey: Journey to the West’ is no ‘Aida.’ But this circus-like extravaganza — an East-meets-West collaboration between the men behind alt-rock’s Gorillaz and the Chinese composer of ‘Peony Pavilion’ — is a barrel of fun. Opening last night, the most buzzed-about show at the Lincoln Center Festival was inspired by a 16th-century Chinese folk tale of a sassy Monkey, who uses his magic powers and awesome kung fu skills to retrieve holy scriptures from India.”

I do declare that the word BADASS is being used quite a bit these days when talking about opera!: ”Best of all was the star turn by Wang Lu as the badass Monkey, an explosion of punk energy whether dancing, fighting, singing or — in one of the saltier episodes of the tale — urinating in Buddha’s giant, outstretched blue hand.”

Wait, did you say urinate?: “Yes.”

Check it out!: “Despite its occasional dramatic detours, ‘Monkey: Journey to the West’ is worth a trek — if not to India, than at least as far as Lincoln Center.”

Read the full review here!

David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center; 212-721-6500. Next performance tonight, other shows through July 28. Tickets $25 to $250. Running time: 100 minutes, no intermission.

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