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Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in Articles, Interviews, new articles | 0 comments

Opera Drama Queens: The OGs of Diva

Opera Drama Queens: The OGs of Diva


Bringing you the Best (or at least the most dramatic) of 2013!

by Melissa Wimbish

Okay okay, I know that the “real” celebrities these days tend to dwell in Hollywood on the silver screen and are often in the news because of their latest plastic surgery adventures and/or divorces. But all classical musicians know that opera divas reign supreme! Truly the “original gangsters” of diva. (The good news is that after all their cray antics, they can back it up with real artistry!)

This interview featured on Operavore is all about DRAMA QUEENS. My absolute favorite is this story from Anne Midgette (from her top 5 drama queen moments) featuring one of Operagasm’s favorite divas: “[Jessye Norman] marched up to the front of the stage and put her hands on her hips and said ‘Honey, this baby don’t do no recits!’”

Definitely listen to this. Parts of Joyce DiDonato’s interview with Marilyn Horne are included and so fascinating. Listening to Ms. DiDonato discuss her start as a singer who could “make a lot of noise” and be “very musical” but was never really noticed because she was “singing on youth and muscle”…wow…it was so refreshing and encouraging to hear a part of her story that I hadn’t heard so frankly stated before. Oh, and some goose-bump singing included as well! (I’m listening to Shirley Verrett’s snippet now. Fearless.)

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