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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Opera in the Flesh

Here’s a book that really goes there. Have any of our readers perused this piece of opera sex education?

Opera in the flesh: sexuality in operatic performance by Samuel D. Abel

Verdi, Wagner, polymorphous perversion, Puccini, Brunnhilde, Pinkerton and Parsifal all rub shoulders in this delightful, poetic, insightful, sexual book sprung by one man’s physical response to the power and exaggeration we call opera. Sam Abel applies a light touch as he considers the topic of opera and the eroticized body: Why do audiences respond to opera in a visceral way? How does opera, like no other art form, physically move watchers? How and why does opera arouse feelings akin to sexual desire? Abel seeks the answers to these questions by examining homoerotic desire, the phenomenon of the castrati, operatic cross-dressing and opera as presented through the media.

In this deeply personal book, Abel writes, “These pages map my current struggles to pin down my passion for opera, my intense admiration for its aesthetic forms and beauties but much more my astonishment at how opera makes me lose myself, how it consumes me.” In so doing, Abel uncovers what until now, through dry musicology and gossipy history, had been left behind a wall of silence: the physical and erotic nature of opera.

Although Abel can speak with certainty only about his own visceral response to opera, he provides readers with a language and a resonance with which to understand their own experiences. Ultimately, “Opera in the Flesh” celebrates the power of opera to move audiences as no other book has done. It is, indeed, a treasure of scholarship, passion and poetry for everyone with even a passing interest in this fascinating art form.

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