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Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in new articles, The Voice Box | 6 comments

Operagasm Casting Couch

Operagasm Casting Couch

by Christie Connolley

Come into my office and lay down have a seat on the Operagasm Casting Couch!   Operagasm is in charge now and let’s get down….. I mean get down to casting this thing!

In honor of Operagasm’s focus on Opera at the Movies this month we will recast a classic movie which documented love amidst the US Civil War – that’s right Gone With the Wind!

Scarlett O’Hara, undoubtedly has the temperament of a soprano but needs the complicated mixture of beauty and feistiness.  I can think of none other than Sondra Radvanovsky.

Rhett Butler, there is just no way Rhett Butler could be a tenor!  I am thinking a baritone with the right mix of sophistication and fabulous hair… must be Thomas Hampson!

Do you agree with our selections?


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  1. Luca Pisaroni for Rhett Butler….

  2. I have long thought Rhett should be played by Thomas Hampson.

  3. Incidentally, one of my online groups did this years ago. Ashley is the tenor, but he needs to sound kind of insipid. Melanie is also a soprano, but very sweet-sounding. India and Suellen are mezzos. Mezzi? Carreen is a soprano, similar to Melanie. Aunt Pittypat and Prissy are coloraturas – I keep picturing a duet with the two of them sounding freaking nuts. Mammy is a contralto. Gerald is a tenor, but with some heft. Pork is a baritone and Dilcey is a mezzo. Big Sam is a bass. Etc.

  4. Sorry, Renee Fleming MUST sing Scarlett as far as I’m concerned.

  5. YES!!!! Thomas Hampson as Rhett Butler

  6. Fleming will be past it by the time this opera is staged. I agree with Hampson as Rhett. He has the right sound of authority and arrogance. But can he be a scoundrel? I’ve never heard his Don G but I’m sure others here have. Radvanovsky certainly has the power and be dolled up appropriately. My gods, this will be a long opera …

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