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Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in new articles, Reviews | 0 comments

Operagasm Review Rundown: Minnesota Opera’s The Dream of Valentino

Operagasm Review Rundown: Minnesota Opera’s The Dream of Valentino

by Melissa Wimbish

Well, look who it is. Mr. James Valenti starring in an opera about a straight up heart-breaker. How fitting. Check out the Operagasm Review Rundown of The Dream of Valentino!

“Here’s the deets:” The storyline follows the rise of the real-life-dancer-turned-silent-film star Rodolfo Valentino, one of the most famous actors of his day and a beloved, if controversial, sex symbol.

“Sounds more like the dream of Valenti”: The titular role in Minnesota Opera’s production is played by James Valenti, a tenor whose tall and dashing looks affably recall the real-life star … This time, though, it’s not Mimi who dies young and in tragic circumstances – it is Valenti’s Rodolfo, with thousands of adoring women to mourn him.”

“You just jealous”: The staging work by Eric Simonson adds much to the visual glamor of this production; combined with Erhard Rom’s film set-based scenic design, it does much to present Valentino as a larger-than-life figure moving through shifting seas of entranced fans and the jadedly jealous.

Read the full review by Basil Considine here!

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