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Posted by on Jan 3, 2012 in Articles | 0 comments

Operagasm’s Gonna “Upgrade U”!

by Melissa Wimbish

We’re taking our cue from Beyoncé Knowles this month! (Oh, yeah, featuring Jay-Z…I guess. No offence, Mr. H.O.V.A.).

Her hit single from the album B’Day is the inspiration for this month’s focus! “New Beginnings”, “Resolutions”, “Renewal”… all of those options sounded a bit too New-Year’s-Day-Bikram-Yoga-recycled-Naked-Juice-bottle … ya know? It’s 2012. Time to bring the badass in you out for a party that don’t stop — NO tiptoeing! (PS, Bikram Yoga and recycling is also badass, but it’s hard to dance to that stuff.) In other words, “Lemme Upgrade U!”

That’s our resolution anyway, and we’re getting started immediately. Some exciting new features are coming your way this year and we think you’ll find Operagasm even more appealing as we execute our own upgrades! A few new weekly segments you might be interested in checking out include:

Christie’s Book Pick — Move Over, Barbara Bush!

We all need to read more! In these tech-heavy times of easy access to movies, games, chats, and Facebook while we’re on the go or even winding down at the end of a long day, we’re slowly killing our beautiful brains and vocabularies. Reboot your minds and consider adding some of Christie’s picks to your 2012 Book List!


iTunes Download of the Week

This new segment is designed to keep us on our toes with all the latest “freshness”. A fabulous new classical recording, a must-see live performance, or a really sick new single from our favorite boy band that might be a good option for your alarm clock music are all candidates for this dynamic category. Go ahead, create an Operagasm playlist and watch your iTunes library get down with itself.

Production of the Week

Not another review section — don’t worry! In the “Production of the Week” column we’ll dive deeper into all aspects of the production at hand including venue, costumes, cast, maestro, and any other fun deets we can muster. This will offer many companies an opportunity to be showcased on Operagasm and hopefully build some audiences for their worthy efforts!

Musical Joke of the Week

Self-explanatory. Jokes will range from naughty, hilarious, corny, and just plain dumb. BUT, they will always be fun. Promise.

Even more great things slated for this month are coming by way of guest writers including Ceci Dadesman, Amy Armstrong, Bridgette Cooper, Blair Skinner, Andrew Lunsford, Danielle Buonaiuto, and Matthew Scrivner. What a beautiful lineup! All topics will be focused on ways to upgrade your singing, productivity, and your vision. How are you getting there? Are you doing as much as you can to stay healthy vocally and spiritually? Who do you lean on when you need a break? Is music technology working for you, or against you? Do you even know what music software and apps are out there to help you? What kind of voice recorder are you using to track your progress and learn how to know your own voice? How are you keeping your schedule straight? What is your next move? AHHHH!!!!

Don’t get overwhelmed — upgrades can take some time! If you’ve done the iPhone update then you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

So….what do you think?! Since January is a month of reflections and resolutions, isn’t “Upgrade U” the perfect anthem for our quests?! [Insert your fervent favorable nodding here.] Why, yes… we thought so, too! Themes of power, beauty, sheer badassnes, “introduction to some new things”, and lovable bling are prevalent throughout this diddy and…ahem…titillating music video. Perhaps save this one for the privacy of your own home if you happen to be at the workplace. It’ll certainly get you pumped for 2012! Have fun this month and once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR from Operagasm! BRING IT!!!!

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