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Posted by on Feb 21, 2012 in Reviews | 0 comments

Operagasm’s Own Melissa Wimbish Gets Some Love From Opus Colorado

by Christie Connolley

On Friday, February 17 the four winners of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra’s Vocal Competition Gene Stenger, Amy June Cain, Anna Montgomery and Operagasm’s own Melissa Wimbish performed a concert with the orchestra.  Robin McNeal with Opus Colorado was on hand to review the performance.  Check out the Operagasm Review Rundown!

That’s right… passion people…. : Passion is the word that was in charge of the performance of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra Friday night, February 17th. I have never heard the DPO exhibit such passion in a performance. Not only a passion for the music that they were planning, but I am convinced there was a generous share of passion directed to the four young soloists who were the winners of the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra’s Vocal Competition.

Singing the praises of Gene Stenger: “… Stenger sang, Comfort Ye, Every Valley and Ev’ry Valley Shall Be Exalted, both from Handel’s Messiah. Aside from Stenger’s obvious excellence in vocal technique and voice support, his diction was absolutely perfect.”

Singing the praises of Melissa Wimbish: “The dark quality of Melissa Wimbish’s voice lends itself very nicely to the text of this song [Chanson perpétuelle], which involves a young woman who has been abandoned by her lover, and is now contemplating suicide. Wimbish also has outstanding vocal support and a wonderful vocal mechanism. She has the ability to infuse what she sings with the raw emotion of the song. And she, like Gene Stenger, has incredible diction, and her French pronunciation was absolutely perfect. Her phrasing, which was quite emotional (and yes, phrasing can create much emotion) and her pitch were absolutely gorgeous. Quite frankly, I could not believe my ears. There are so many young singers today who want to display their voice, rather than their musicianship. Stenger and Wimbish have good voices, but they also felt the artistic necessity to be good musicians as well.”

Singing the praises of Amy June Cain: “Amy June Cain is an absolutely phenomenal singer. She has an excellent sense of drama, and several members of the audience were becoming quite emotional as she sang this tragic aria. Her French pronunciation was superb as was her diction. She has a huge voice that is extremely powerful, not only in its volume, but in its emotional quality. She has the unquestioned ability to act as well as to sing, and that makes her a valuable asset to the music world and to opera in particular. She was a joy to listen to and to watch.”

Singing the praises of Anna Montgomery:  “Anna Montgomery is the youngest winner of this competition sponsored by the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, at the age of 18…. Montgomery has an absolutely beautiful voice and absolutely remarkable sense of stage presence. She seemed truly at home in front of the audience. She is an absolutely scintillating artist.”

Check out the full review here!

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