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Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in new articles, The Voice Box | 0 comments

Puccini’s Italian tragic love affair house up for sale

Puccini’s Italian tragic love affair house up for sale

Posted by Melissa Wimbish

Dudes. Being Puccini’s next-door neighbor was mad serious! Some pretty eventful things involving Edgar, philandering and suicide were happening in that house… makes you wonder how a guy musters any inspiration. Here’s how opera in this particular ‘hood of Giacomo Puccini’s (1868-1924) was going down:

A house that played a central role in Giacomo Puccini‘s turbulent and ultimately tragic love life is up for sale – a three-storey building in the hills south of Lake Como to which the composer of Tosca and La Bohème escaped with his lover in 1886.

The estate agent describes the property as a spacious, three-storey residence, separated by a courtyard from a larger but only partially restored building and a smaller outhouse. The price tag reflects the dire state of the Italian property market – just €400,000 (£320,000).

The house became a part of musical history after Elvira Bonturi, a married woman from Puccini’s native city of Lucca, became pregnant with his child. To escape the inevitable scandal, the composer turned to Ferdinando Fontana, who had written the lyrics for his first opera, Le Villi…

Read the full dramz here!


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