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Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in The Voice Box | 2 comments

Question of the Week

Question of the Week


Photo by Cylla Von Tiedemann

by Melissa Wimbish

If someone forgot the words to their aria and just stopped singing and you were on stage with them, what would you do?

Run. Cry. Take off your shoes. Dance a jig. How would you save the show? I think I would feel inclined to start singing something, but in the end, that would make me look more foolish than the person who screwed up in the first place, wouldn’t it?

If you have a story, you MUST leave a comment!

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  1. In college, we had a weekly voice recital hour where the entire voice department would get together and 6 or 8 people would sing. A good friend of mine, a baritone, got up to sing one of the old Italian songs. About halfway through the first verse he forgot the words. The ENTIRE voice department started singing just where he left off and finished the phrase for him. Pretty hilarious!

  2. I can’t say it was during an opera, but rather a shakespeare play – King John. I entered with 2 lines to preface a long soliloquy by the leading female. She paused and gave me a blank look, so I proceeded to paraphrase her first couple of lines to re-kindle her memory.

    After another pause the look on her face turned from blank wonder to horror. I gave her another couple of lines.

    Her jaw dropped….

    I gave two more lines…. and finally she broken into her monologue.

    When we got off stage I asked her what happened because going up on a line was not at all like her.

    She replied, “I didn’t forget my line. But when you started to extemporize Shakespeare, in rhyming iambic pentameter I was shocked beyond belief.”

    Ooops. My bad!

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