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Posted by on May 5, 2010 in The Voice Box | 0 comments

Question of the Week

Question of the Week

by Melissa Wimbishfoot-in-mouth

How honest is too honest?

Funny story (details have been deleted to protect the innocent): I was at an audition and there was a beautiful woman there who paid me a compliment. I thanked her and life went on. Then, a few minutes later she was having a conversation at the end of the table with another singer about a production which I had just seen the previous weekend in a neighboring state. I overheard the gentleman say that he was in the production and I mentioned that I had seen it and that I absolutely loved it. Then he clarified that he was not in the particular production I had seen…so I took my compliment back from him. (Just joking! I’m sure he was fantastic, but I was talking about a different production.)

Then, the beautiful woman took an interest in what I thought of the production and asked my opinion of one of the named characters. I clarified, “That’s the one who sings ‘NAME OF ARIA’ right?” and she confirmed that, yes, that’s the one, and I proceeded to tell her what I thought which was that I absolutely adored that character, loved the voice, the interpretation, it blew me away, but I was disappointed that she didn’t use more chest voice in the very bottom. Then she was like, “That was me.”

So….yeah. That’s my life. I repeat: How honest is too honest?

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