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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in new articles, The Voice Box, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Question of the Week

by Melissa Wimbish

How do you feel about this pitch? It mostly makes my eyes roll uncontrollably, but maybe I’m too much of a fuddy duddy. Doubt it, though.

This was the email I got from Classical Singer and the cause of my non-stop eye rolling:

Would you like to see on TV an “American Idol” with singers who ONLY sing opera & classical music?

TV Networks will put such a competition on television in 2014 … IF the opera singers demand it.

“Carnegie or Bust!”, the new TV show based upon the Classical Singer Vocal Competition, is the vehicle to help explode the
popularity of the greatest music and the greatest singers on earth. It’s a show and an art form whose time has come. You can make a HUGE difference even with a small pledge to the KickStarter campaign. Your support will help create the TV pilot promo for the networks. In fact, if you make a pledge of at least $50 Classical Singer will give you a FREE 1-year web subscription to and

But time is running short.

Go online right now to and make your support known to the TV networks by backing this project.

Then send that url to your friends and fellow singers and teachers so they can support this exciting event as well. We not only need many singers signing up, but we need to raise at least $20,000 before production can begin.


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