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Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in The Voice Box | 1 comment

Question of the Week

by Melissa Wimbish

Our focus this month is “Back to Basics” in which we aim to discover what the heck the basics really are. In our neurotic singing minds, how can we help but over-think such an untouchable instrument?¬†Answer….we can’t! But, we can wallow in simplicity in hopes to peel away the crust of brain that has captured our tiny little singing muscle machines.

Think about giving someone their very first voice lesson. Before you plunge into the vocal exercises that will likely stump their virgin folds, what questions would you ask them and why?

List three to five and please share below! Go!

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1 Comment

  1. 1. Have you had any lessons before? What do you know about singing already? I think it’s important to understand what baseline the student is at.

    2. What songs feel right when you sing them? If we’re talking about a young singer, I think teachers are too eager to push them into certain repertoire, or start with material they have no connection to. I would want to offer choices that engage them, that they can accomplish well and give them the incentive to do more.

    3. What are your goals for this [quarter, semester, year... whatever seems appropriate]? I think it’s important for a teacher to focus on development, and you can’t do that without goals. As a teacher you both help set those goals, monitor reaching them and temper expectations.

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