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Posted by on Dec 15, 2010 in The Voice Box | 2 comments

Question of the Week

This “Question of the Week” was posed last spring during a busy recital season.

by Melissa Wimbishinsomnia1

How do you get your mind to stop and your body to sleep the night before a big performance?

The lights are off. The bed is underneath you. All you need at this point is a good 7 hours of uninterrupted snoozing, but your brain is pacing. Maybe if you shut your eyes a little tighter…

Nothing. The hours are passing…passing…passing…you start to drift and feel a wave of relief as sleep passes over you, but just as you ease into sleep, your brain regains control and asks you to review that dotted sixteenth in the middle of your aria which you keep singing like a triplet. Now you’ll only get 6 hours at best. Time for that warm glass of milk. Who drinks that anyway? Warm milk? Doesn’t it curdle? Do you microwave it? Gross.

The night before a performance can often be restless. Funny, no matter how exhausted you might feel when you lay down, the brain still manages to overcome and slowly torture you through to bleeding daylight.

What do you do to overcome this? Singers especially need rest in order to perform their best – you can hear lack of sleep in a voice almost instantly. Share your tips to a healthy night’s sleep with your fellow “insomnimusicians.”

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  1. Eat a turkey. A whole turkey.

  2. Honestly if I can’t sleep I’ll take melatonin. It makes me sleepy without making me drowsy the next day and it’s homeopathic.

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