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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in new articles, Reviews | 0 comments

Relief from the Endless Stream of “Traviatas” and “Madam Butterflies”

Relief from the Endless Stream of “Traviatas” and “Madam Butterflies”

by Melissa Wimbish

Not that we don’t love Violetta and Madam Butterfly, but we always go visit them. There are other members in this family, you know?! Check out the Operagasm Review Rundown of Opera Southwest’s Amleto if you missed our live tweeting on Sunday:

Can you imagine being in labor for 11 years?: “This opera might well have lain buried forever. Why go to the extensive 11-year-long process of resurrecting and re-constructing it virtually note by note? … For Artistic Director Anthony Barrese this was a labor of passion, perhaps obsession. But labor certainly and nonetheless a formidable task. The fruits of his painstaking work at long last came to fruition on Sunday at the National Hispanic Cultural Center when Opera Southwest gave the stunning premiere of the long lost and forgotten “Amleto” (Hamlet) by Franco Faccio.”

Not just some dude being emo for 3 hours: “Make no mistake—this is Grand Opera, rather than the brooding of the melancholy Dane. Each age re-interprets past works through its own sensibilities. … Clearly the story is seen through the eyes of that era when big, bold gesture was the theatrical norm.”

Maybe if I sing really purrty Hamlet won’t kill me: “Shannon De Vine gives a stentorian and dominating King Claudius, commanding the stage from the very first scene. His prayer which prevents Hamlet from killing him, is one of the highlights musically.”

Tickets are still available for Halloween night! Click here to read the full review and for box office deets!

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