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Posted by on Apr 6, 2010 in News | 0 comments

RESPECT for Aretha and Condi?

RESPECT for Aretha and Condi?

by Christie Connolley

In a recent interview Aretha Franklin shared some insight on her new exploration in the realm of classical music.

ArethaI love the melodies,Condi and I find that without even knowing who the composer is, I seem to gravitate to Puccini melodies. Some of the Mozart piano sonatas I like a lot. We’ve always had some classical music in my home from the time that I was a child. I’ve always heard it and it’s always been there. And as a growing artist, I now seem to appreciate the classical side of myself as well…. Yes, I am working on some arias. Speaking of the arias, I am going to be doing three concerts over the summer, myself and Condoleezza Rice. Ms. Rice is a consummate classical pianist, and (since) I sing the arias, I thought that we could do something, a bipartisan effort for our favorite charities.

Would you go to a concert featuring super diva Aretha Franklin and former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice?

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