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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Articles, new articles | 1 comment

Scandalously weak (and/or careless) opera singers…

Scandalously weak (and/or careless) opera singers…

by Christie Connolley

Antonio Pappano
Photo Credit: Eamonn Mccabe

Speaking of scandal, do you remember what an uproar the director of the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, Antonio Pappano, caused earlier this year when he called the current generation of singers weak?  Well to be fair he said it is either that or we all just don’t care….

“It happens more and more. There’s something about this generation of singers, that they are weaker in their bodies or don’t care.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s something that is very, very frustrating for me personally.”  He commented in the March 2013 interview with the Guardian.  Pappano said the Spanish tenor Placido Domingo ”would have to be on his death bed” before he’d cancel.

The article goes on to say Pappano didn’t name names, but silently implicated Juan Diego Florez and Jennifer Rowley as the weak and/or careless parties.

What say you Operagasm readers?  Do you feel this is a valid criticism of young singers today?

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1 Comment

  1. I saw Juan Diego Florez, Diana Damrau, and Joyce DiDonato in an 11am Le Comte Ory at the Met. Some of the best singing I have ever heard. AT 11 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING!!!!!!

    So, I don’t know. Hard for me to think of JDF as weak after all of the laser sharp high Ds he sang for a bunch of people he knew didn’t even pay for their seat.

    With all due respect to AP, I think that anyone who is not singing 9 days a week all over the world under the scrutiny of FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc. should hesitate to comment on anything involving singing. It’s a beautiful job, but not an easy life. -mw with operagasm

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